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With offices in Montreal Canada and corporate offices in Thane, India, (near to Mumbai), EKO Green Energy (9034820 Canada Inc.) operates globally to bring energy solutions where they are needed. Our solutions deliver exceptional results, substantial investment dividends, and international carbon credits.


As a full-service agency, EKO Green Energy’s emphasis is on safety proceedings and programs to eradicate our clients’ risks.

Our Services Include

Comprehensive examination and needs analysis of each project.

Strategy formulation and build-out.

Solution development and deployment.

Full-life Quality Control protocols.

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Meet our Board of Directors

Mr. Gilles Clermont,

Director and CEO

Mr. Clermont brings 45 years of business experience both as an owner and operations manager of average to large enterprises. Mr. Clermont has extensive experience in hydro-electric projects, designing and installing high-line electric transmission to grid systems, and managing low-voltage control systems in heavy water processing plants, oil refineries and pulp and paper plants. He is an owner/operator of coal mines, and has had extensive ownership holdings in the service industry. Mr. Clermont has studied and worked in international finance, including arranging financing for large energy projects.

Mr. Clermont’s energy projects have spanned the globe. He brings together skilled, experienced teams when and where they are needed.

Mr. Clermont is co-designer of EKO Energy Group Inc’s Waste to Energy (W2E) Remediation and Power Generating Plant.

Mr. Robert Presser,

Vice President

From June 2008 to November 2017, Robert Presser served as Chairman of the Board of Defense Construction Canada, a federal Crown corporation providing contracting, construction management, infrastructure and environmental services for the Department of National Defense and the Canadian Armed Forces. In FY2016-17, DCC managed over $1 billion in contracts on behalf of DND and currently employs nearly 1000 people.


Mr. Presser is also the Vice President of privately-held ACME Engineering Products, responsible for international sales network management and product manager of ACME’s line of automatic scraper strainers.  He holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario and a bachelor’s degree in business from l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales at the University of Montreal.


He is also an experienced project manager, covering mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering disciplines for ACME’s contracts with international engineering firms like SNC Lavalin and Bechtel.


In 1991-2, he was a management consultant at SECOR working on corporate governance and merger and acquisition mandates for large Canadian corporations.


Robert served as Chairman of the Board of Sofame Technologies, a manufacturer of direct-fired heat recovery systems traded on the TSX Venture exchange from October 2009 until January 2017.


He writes the economics column for the monthly Montreal newspaper The Metropolitain ( He is married and lives in Montreal with his wife and two children.


Green Pastures

DOW Corning Corporation,
Carriliton, KY

Things continue to go well with our system - over 6 million Btu’s per hour recovery and basically invisible operation... We’re satisfied!

UNILEVER,Toronto Canada

The system has paid for itself several times over since its installation. The weekly stream requirement for the feed-water heater has been cut from 800,000 lbs. to 400,000 lbs.

We love it!

Rochelee, Illinois

Based on the successes during the first year, we have just completed the start up of Systems at two other seasonal facilities, and have begun evaluating
the potential for a fifth facility. The sixth and seventh facilities have already been identified.”

Manufacturing Co.,
Cambridge Canada

Since the commission and startup of our system three months ago the unit has recovered 2.8 Billion Btu’s of energy, which is the equivalent of saving our company 2,861,820 ft3 of natural gas - a significant dollar savings and emissions reduction.

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