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Indirect Contact Economizer


This image summarizes a typical implementation of an indirect contact condensing economizer heat recovery system.

Indirect Contact Condensing Economizer

- Case Study - 

This implementation was done at a Pet Food manufacturing facility in Toronto, ON Canada. The implementation features include:

  • Two 350 HP coil tube boilers, 105 PSIG saturated steam

  • 100% boiler make-up water

  • 5 day x 24 hour operation

  • Condensing economizer system installed on roof

  • Pull exhaust from two stacks into one common duct feeding the economizer

  • System heats boiler make up water from 65F up to 165F

  • At maximum load the system recovers 2,541,000 Btu/hr

  • Projected Gas savings $190,000/year

  • Payback: 1.4 years

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